View of Iona from the dining room

Holiday Cottage - Fionnphort, Mull


Local History

Iona and St Columba

The Island of Iona was where St Columba founded a monastery with twelve companions in 563AD, bringing Celtic Christianity to mainland Britain. The monastery later became an abbey and is now an ecumenical church which receives pilgrims from all over the world. The ferry operates year-round and there are regular guided tours of the Abbey and its museum. The Columba Centre in Fionnphort is well worth a visit, whilst a trip to Iona is a fantastic experience – not just for the history, but the sheer beauty of the island.

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson

The nearby island of Erraid was where Robert Louis Stevenson set his classic novel Kidnapped. Erraid is just a couple of miles past Fidden, to the south, and is served by a small private ferry at high tide.

Think Pink!

The disused quarry over the hill behind Dungrianach is where the pink granite for the Albert Memorial, Hyde Park, London, was quarried. There's an information point at the quarry itself.

Natural History

Where to begin with the natural history of the Isle of Mull? The whole island is rich in fascinating geological features (some of them unique) and wildlife. For example, the Isle of Staffa with its volcanic rock formations and Fingal's Cave are world-famous; the latter having inspired composer Felix Mendelssohn to write the Hebrides Overture (also known as Fingal's Cave).

So far as the wildlife goes, the following species inhabit or visit Mull: puffins, pilot whales, minke whales, sea eagles, sea otters, dolphins, grey seals.

For more details on trips to Staffa and for whale-watching wildlife tours, see Activities.


'House on the sunny hill'  (Gaelic)


View from dining room